Diversity enriches all of us ...

... and contributes to a fun learning environment!

My French Classes are taught by experienced teachers who have received their training in a francophone country.

The French language is used in many countries around the world, including in North America.

My French Classes thrives to be a home to all members of the francophone community. Our teachers are trained to be sensitive to our students' needs and perceptions based on their home country.

Furthermore, since this program is a weekend activity, and because one of the program objectives is to foster the joy of bilingual children to speak French, our teachers are briefed to combine the best of the French and American approaches to classroom teaching: rigorous and well thought-out curriculum paired with an approachable and individualized teaching philosophy.

My French Classes welcome francophone children from all cultural backgrounds and its programs are enriched by the diversity of the respective student backgrounds, including children whose parents are from two different countries.