The school year is starting soon!

All French Classes start on September 9, 2017.
The Art & Sports Programs and Adults Classes start on September 16, 2017.
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If you haven't done so as already, please be sure to register as early as possible in order to secure your child's spot and to have a better chance to receive your preferred time.

This year's Parent Orientation Sessions (2 x in French and 2 x in English) will take place on September 23 and on September 30.

My French Classes (all levels):

Morning Session
10am | Drop-off starts
10:15am | Classes start
12:45pm | Classes end
1pm | Pick-up ends

Afternoon Session
1:15pm | Drop-off starts
1:30pm | Classes start
4pm | Classes end
4:15pm | Pick-up ends

My French Programs (Art & Sports):

Morning Session
11:20am | Drop-off starts
11:30am | Programs start
1pm | Programs end
1:10pm | Pick-up ends

Afternoon Session
1:20pm | Drop-off starts
1:30pm | Programs start
3pm | Programs end
3:10pm | Pick-up ends

Adult Classes (all levels):

Morning Session
10:25am | Classes start
11:25am | Break
11:35am | Classes resume
12:35pm | Classes end

Afternoon Session
1:40pm | Classes start
2:40pm | Break
2:50pm | Classes resume
3:50pm | Classes end