Who are the teachers and how are the courses structured?

All teachers are native French speakers and are professional teachers, with at least one diploma from a French-speaking country.

The teachers have been carefully selected to fit the age group that they are teaching both, in terms of personality and teaching experience.

The weekly courses are structured in order to successfully take four main factors into account:

  • the courses take place on weekends: they must therefore be fun to attend for the children
  • parents expect academic progress: solid learning is the main objective of the program and requires consistent work, including some homework, without being overwhelming
  • most students attend English-speaking schools: the curriculum takes this fact into account by focusing on the unique content and by responding to the unique challenges for children who are both Francophone and Anglophone
  • culture is transmitted through language: a positive environment is therefore doubly important so that the students regard being in a French environment once a week as a highlight of their week and remain voluntarily immersed in the culture