French Preparatory Level

Preparatory Classes

These classes aim to support students in their acquisition of the French Language , particularly in the areas of reading, grammar and writing in French.

The teacher works with a small group of students on the difficulties they may encounter in French and which may be related to:

  • reading,
  • spelling,
  • writing.

Students work on improving their ability to read fluently in French.

They also expand their French vocabulary and their understanding of texts written in French.

This writing work includes training exercises in grammar, conjugation so as to comprehensively improve the quality of written products.

Students in preparatory classes can later join our bilingual level classes.

These classes are taught by professional francophone teachers who organize varied and interesting activities for students to foster their learning of the French language.

The preparatory classes are organized by age groups for students from 2nd grade to 10 grade .

For questions regarding this program, please contact us here .