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Les classes du samedi - Your French language school

My French Classes is based on an initiative by francophone parents with the objective to support francophone families whose children attend American schools in their endeavor to preserve French as an academic language for their children.

A unique French after-school program

The goal is to offer weekly classes tailored to the specific needs of children whose mother tongue is French, but whose main school language is English.

Through this program students are enabled to maintain the option to later return to a francophone school or university system.

Our approach to French immersion

Our classes combine a rigorous approach to learning with a friendly classroom environment that helps foster the joy of speaking French, not only in class but also with other francophone children.

Our experience has shown that children, who meet with a peer group with a similar background once a week, can help each other mutually to deepen their language skills and spurn each other on to reach higher levels.

Meeting once a week and pooling resources, the program increases the chances for each of the participating families to:

  • maintain the oral and written practice of French language,
  • open new educational and professional options in French, including a switch to a French-speaking academic system, and
  • keep strong relationships with francophone countries and their culture.

By organizing multiple classes that take place at the same time in the same location, My French Classes meets the needs of francophone families residing in the United States for longer periods of time, as well as those who are expatriated for shorter periods.

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