Terms & Conditions - Online Summer Camp

===== TERMS =====

I understand that the tuition for the online summer camp that I am registering my child for is currently set as follows per enrolled child.

===== REQUIRED FORMS =====

All necessary information for payments by check and all forms are available on the forms page of our parents' website. Please submit them at least one week before the first day of camp by email..

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a form sent by email.

===== PAYMENTS =====

Payments can be made by check, or by credit card.

Checks should be made payable to 'My French Classes' and can be dropped into the check letter box at the school or can be mailed to: My French Classes, P.O. Box 612, Glen Echo, MD 20812.

Payments by credit card are processed via PayPal and can be made on the member payment page. Credit card payments carry a transaction fee of 3%.

You do not need a PayPal account to pay on the payment page. Both, a credit card or a PayPal account can be entered.


The return of a check (electronic or paper) will result in a $20 returned check fee for each returned check, irrespective of the reason. Written notification on how to resolve the returned check will be sent to the signatory of the check. A hold will be placed on the account affected, until the returned check has been redeemed.

If the returned check has not been redeemed within the regular time frame on the notification, late fees as stated below will be applied from the initial due date on.

Failure to pay the tuition on time will result in the assessment of late payment fees and finance charges. These charges may be assessed each week that the account has an overdue, outstanding balance. The late payment fee is $25 per week for payments that are more than one day late. It is the family’s responsibility to ensure that payment arrangements are made in a timely manner in order to avoid these fees. A payment is considered late if less than the respective due amount is received more than one day after the indicated due date.

Important Note: A returned check or late payment may automatically result in a hold on the account affected, which may preclude participation in any or all of the following activities: further check writing privileges, class registration, class attendance, receipt of grades, issuing transcripts, and/or diplomas.

===== AGREEMENT =====

By checking the "Down-Payment" box on the registration form and by pressing the "Register" button, you fully agree with the terms stated above.

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