Direct Debit Terms & Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions below thoroughly before completing and agreeing to them.

• By this Authorization, you are certifying that you have the authority over the above account (the "Account") and you are authorizing My French Classes to electronically process charges ("Debit") your Account listed above in the amounts and on the respective dates (the "Scheduled Debit Dates") that you have received by email and according to the terms contained in this Authorization.

• You agree that My French Classes may debit your Account for all charges due to My French Classes and you understand and agree that if a payment is missed, My French Classes may debit the Account on the Scheduled Debit Dates for the current scheduled payment as well as all overdue payments.

• My French Classes will incur no liability as a result of a Debit being dishonored by your financial institution. If a Debit is not honored by the financial institution, My French Classes will not consider the payment to have been made. In such cases, My French Classes may, in its sole discretion, initiate a second attempt to Debit your Account for the amount due.

• You acknowledge that the debit appearing on your bank statement will constitute your receipt for payment, but no payment is deemed made until My French Classes actually receives payment.

• You may withdraw this Authorization by giving notice to My French Classes not less than Five (5) business days before the Scheduled Debit Date. Similarly, My French Classes may remove your Account from this direct debit program at any time or terminate or amend the terms of this Authorization by giving you notice in accordance with the rules of the National Automated Clearing House Association (“NACHA”) or applicable law.

• This Authorization must be signed and dated by the Account owner as his/her name appears on the bank records for the Account. By signing this Authorization, you represent and warrant to My French Classes that you are the owner of the Account and that you have the legal authority to authorize Debits against the Account. If the Account is owned by a legal entity (such as a corporation or LLC), you represent and warrant that you have legal authority to act on behalf of that entity with respect to the Account. You agree to defend and indemnify My French Classes against any and all losses resulting from any misrepresentation or breach of warranty by you in this Authorization.

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