Terms & Conditions

===== TERMS =====

I understand that the tuition for the school year and the program that I am registering my child for is currently set as follows per enrolled child.

You can find the calendar for the school year here.
(please note that one snow day is built into this calendar).


You can find information about tuition, fees and payments on the tuition page here.


Tuition or tuition installments (and, if applicable, the registration fee) must be paid before the indicated dates to maintain enrollment, obtain a guaranteed spot, and to attend classes. Participation in classes is also subject to the timely submission of all required original forms.

If you have received a guaranteed spot but cancel your child's attendance before or during the school year, your payment will be refunded under the following conditions:

  • if the cancellation happens before the 17th class of a given school year, you will be eligible for a prorated tuition refund;
  • if you withdraw after the 17th class of a given school year, you will not be eligible for a refund.

Minimum enrollment for each class is 8 students. Should this number not be reached for your child's grade level, your payment will be fully reimbursed without charge of any fees.

===== REQUIRED FORMS =====

All necessary information for payments by check and all forms are available on the forms page. Please submit them on the day of the first class or before by mail..

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a form sent by email.

===== AGREEMENT =====

By checking the "Down-Payment" box on the registration form and by pressing the "Register" button, you fully agree with the terms stated above.

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