Theater Club in French

Allow your child to discover the joy of theater in French!

The theater (drama) classes are taught in French by a professional French teacher who has worked previously with children in theater-related projects and acting classes.

Discovering Theater in French

Theater-related activities help develop the students' imagination and aim to develop their ability to dig deeper into the subtleties of the language.

Our program uses spoken exchanges, acting and listening exercises in theater settings to deepen the students' knowledge of the French language.

Through different exercises and games, the program teaches children to memorize sequences of text in French in order to express their emotions and personality in the French language while having fun!

Theater Program Details

The theater classes take place on Saturdays, with a choice between the morning class (from 11:20am to 12:50pm) and the afternoon class (from 1:20pm to 2.50pm).

The classes take place at our Saturday campus in Bethesda.

The calendar for the classes can be found here.

Registration for theater programs

Spots in the theater classes are limited.
You can register here online.

Tuition: More information here.
A discount is offered to families whose children attend French academic classes at My French Classes.

For all questions concerning this program, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

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