Academic French Classes for Native Speakers (Pre-K through High-School)

A French school for children in PreK, elementary, middle and high schools

Academic pathway

Learn more here about the academic pathway of My French Classes' students here.

Our alumni have joined French schools in France and abroad as well as the most prestigious international schools.
Our graduate are now students in the best colleges in the U.S., Canada, France, Switzerland, Belgium, U.K. and be awarded prestigious scholarships recognizing their achievements as bilingual students who studied hard to maintain their family cultural heritage.

Dedicated and experienced French teachers

Our classes are led by French teachers who provide the structure and support necessary for children to fully develop their written and oral skills in French.

These teachers were selected for their ability to provide a stimulating studying environment that inspires children and encourages them to expand their knowledge of the French language.

School work and assignments for our French courses

All materials used in the classrooms are in French.

School work and assignments are based on lessons taught in French-speaking countries, but adapted to bilingual children to support the effectiveness of the classes.

In addition, to consolidate and enrich the learning progress, students are asked to complete weekly homework assignments covering reading, writing, grammar, spelling and conjugation exercises.

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